I and Mr. Ghanim Al Marri on Motorbike to Jabel Shams, Oman
Jabel Shams 3000 meters high is the highest mountain in Hajar Mountain range.
Temperature drop is recorded down to Zero degree Celsius in its history.
Normally, temperature drops down to 4-5 Degrees Celsius in the winter.
This is one of the most popular Tourist destination in Oman and entire region.
Steep Uphill, unpaved dusty road; Accessible by four wheel drive (4X4), only.

          We fixed the date for an adventure trip to Jabel Shams in Oman, on 28th of December 2017. The time was set for 6:00am to meet at the Creek Metro Station, but did not happen due to heavy fog in Dubai on that morning. I took the first Metro from Bur Juman Center station @5:36am and reached the Creek station at 5:50am. The visibility was just about 8/10 meter through heavy fog. I called him to find his whereabouts. He was at home about to start the Motor Bike. We talked about the weather condition, thickness of fog and distance visibility. I suggested him not to hurry up on the road. He arrived at the Metro Station @6:25am. After some adjustment of luggage on the bike we got on the road at 6:40am.
          As moved on we faced more and more difficulty on the road due to very low visibility and rain like condensation and dripping from the Helmets. Off Dubai, we were forced stop on the road side. We waited for more than half an hour. The weather condition improved, a bit. We got on the road, slowly and carefully. Almost Al Ain, we got in better weather.
          The exit process at the immigration was a quick one. At the entry immigration in Oman, also, was not bad. Mr. Ghanim went to process the document for the Motorbike, while I was at the visa counter. After passing the immigration we stopped at a cafeteria where we had some Veg/Parotha, dates, Arabic coffee and Chaya Karak, at the end. It was a sunny day.
The time was very pleasant on the road. The road was smooth, wide and less traffic.
At 1:30pm we reached Bahla. We stopped at a supermarket to purchase a few things and water supply for the evening and next morning. We had a quick visit in and around Bahla fort. After Bahla the road was narrow with two ways traffic separated with the line in the middle. We passed through smaller towns and farming areas. GPS and signs on the road side indicated the narrow road and uphill to the top of the Jab el Shams. The road took up steeper and then on the unpaved dusty rough road. We faced a small accident; our motorbike rolled aside on the dusty area. Nothing went wrong on the motorbike and both of us. On the way up somewhere we stopped for a water break. The air up in the height was cooler, getting cooler as we got higher.
          On top of the mountain, there were many tourists before us. Some of them were having lunch on the edge of the vertical cliff while the car was parked on the edge, too. Some guys were sitting on the edge with the legs dangling over the edge which looked a bit risky job. The view from the mountain top was stunning. There was a deep gorge between two vertical mountains, more than 90 degrees angle. The gorge may be around 2000 meters deep. The more interesting thing was that there was a village at the depth of the gorge. Freely roaming goats were expecting something to eat from the tourists. We had a whole mater melon. The water melon peels made a feast for them after dark. They were quite a few, around. A whole watermelon, some energy bars and tea was the dinner for us.
          It was a pleasant clear Moonlit night with the refreshing air. By 3:00am in the morning the temperature dropped down to 8/9 degrees Celsius. I was a well prepared camper, but Mr. Ghanim was not the one. He had under-estimated the temperature drop on top of Jabel Shams. He was going through a cold night. By midnight some more campers came up, they were very noisy and did not sleep throughout the night that disturbed my sleep. As the morning light came, Mr. Ghanim started the stove to prepare some breakfast. I walked around to take some photos. Ya, one thing was missing for the trip that was the tripod for photo and video. I was about to pack my tripod, Mr. Ghanim told that he would take the tripod that can be used by both of us. But, he forgot to put in the pack. Long exposure photography and videography made impossible on the trip. Never mind!
          We had a very good time on top of the mountain, Jabel Shams. We spent a lot of time over there, as per the distance and time calculation of Mr. Ghanim. We drove down, I saw some very nice photogenic sites and angles. But, I did not want to ask for a stop because of the difficult unpaved road. I missed that.
          Mr. Ghanim was in need of a Memory card for his GoPro. We stopped at a few places in smaller town and smaller shops, but the item was not available. We had a stop at Nazwa Grand Mall for the Memory card. At the same time, we had some bread and water.
          There was some mixed up in GPS reading. We spent plenty of time on top of Jabel Shams in the morning. While taking a break in Nazwa Mall in Oman, Mr. Al Marri discovered that the distance was different than what he had calculated , earlier. It was after midday, we still had to go for about 500 KM for the port to Al Masirah island. He knew that the last vessel to the island was at 6:00pm. The vessel earlier than that was at 3:00pm. We moved on, he pressed hard for speed up going at 140KM/hour, sometimes even higher. Sitting behind him, I calculated the speed and the road distance. The speed was not going to make any difference. I tapped him to slow down and explained the final result of the speed. Any speed we go, we will reach after 4:00pm. The vessel to the Island leaves at 6:00pm. Better, we go slower. We found a virgin road without any signage for road and destination. The road was new that did not even come in the GPS reading. There was a confusion. In this way, we were late to reach the port. We were the last passenger to enter the vessel.
         Vessel left at 6:00pm. We reached Masirah Island, late after dark. We stopped in a restaurant for a dinner. It was a great dinner after a long tiring day; Chicken and Lamb with bread. After dinner, we located the beach for camping with the help of GPS and map. The camping site we chose was like a WOW! Pleasant weather and refreshing air coming from the sea. We went to bed around 9:30pm. The sleep was a single go all the way to 5:30am. I called him, he was up. We began to prepare tea and breakfast. After making some tea, he boiled 6 eggs in a little pan. But, the gas ran out before the eggs being well cooked. I peeled on the eggs to show him. It was totally uncooked and runny. I dropped the whites on the sand and ate the yolk. He said that he did not want any of them. I ate all the yolks from 6 eggs. It was just warm enough. We really enjoyed the morning view with the pristine sunrise.
          Let's move! We drove towards the vessel port. The timing was a bit difficult to deal with. The vessel trip to other shore was at 8:00 am and 12:00pm. There was no vessel schedule in between. "Let's go around the island and take the vessel at 12:00pm" I told him. But, it was not the right plan because we were to far away from Dubai. Both of us had the duty to report on the following day. The ticket house in the port office was closed, already. It was either we were too late or too full the vessel. They sent us to the vessel directly to talk to the staff if they could take us in the vessel. That meant it was not sure if we could travel or not. Thanks God! We were allowed in the vessel to travel.
          It was an hour journey on the water. The sea was very rough. I went to the roof top to have a look around. Oh! No! I started to feel the sea-sickness. I ran down in the sitting area where I had a quick good sleep. No-sea sickness. It was around 9:30am when we started to drive on the main land Oman. The previous day we passed by the salt pans where the workers were collecting and piling up the salt. I request with Mr. Hafnium to stop in the area for a while to take some photos and video clips. But, no one was at work on the way back. He asked if I had wanted to stop by. We continued on to Dubai with several stops on the way. We reached Dubai after 7:00 pm.

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