Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa were the first men to put their feet on top of Mt. Everest. The historic day in mountain climbing was set on 29th May 1953 @10.30AM. Since the day the Khumbu region and the country itself was known to the outside world. Today, the Mt. Everest region has become as one of the most popular and ultimate destination for high altitude adventurers.
     Like other parts of the world the entire Himalayan region, too, is under threat of climate change. As a trekking guide to high altitude for more than a decade I have witnessed of ice melting and land erosion on glacial edges. Every season I saw the chunks of land being pulled into the glacier. In this increase rate glaciers will swallow the whole flat high altitude grazing pastures. High altitude lakes may feed into the glacier which may cause deadly GLOF, in the region.
     My worry is that if we are really going to loose the snow and ice on the Himalayan ranges. This grave worry is not only for the people who live in the region, this is a global threat of climate change. Some day the Himalayan snow capped ranges may stand up without any snow and ice on top.

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