I have been taking photographs of beautiful landscapes of the U.A.E. 1999. Photography is my passion, not a profession. My passion of photography has taken me from High Himalayan terrain to deep into the desert of the UAE.
      Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali in Arabic) the vast desert stretching about 250,000 square kilometer across the border of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is the world’s largest sand deposit and the tallest dunes. Empty Quarter is absolutely human uninhabitable due to extremely dry and hot day and cold night. Beautiful dune ranges as high as 300 meters and Sabkhas (Green grassy patches) with highly dry, heat and cold tolerable bushes are found in the low valleys between those dune ranges are spectacular when you stand up on a high dune. There is beauty on sand; amazing ripples, layer after layer, shadows and lights that cannot be explained in words. One has to be there to experience it once in a life time. Not only the sand deposit; it has got its own kind of unique flora and fauna in the desert ecosystem.
      At the last, What I want to say is that the UAE is not only full of sand everywhere; it has got sweet water ecosystem, greenary, lagoons, mangrooves etc. There are places where sands meet mountains and pristine beaches where fishermen pull the fishing nets everyday. I have included a little it of everything in this gallery.

Images from the desert of the UAE

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