Dates Farming in the UAE

I have explored into the farms of Hatta and Liwa to witness the process of planting, pollinating and harvesting of the dates. I spent time befriending with farmers in those hot places. I braved to face the heat in the month of July in the farms of Hatta to see the fresh fruit in the trees. The day was really hot and humid, for sure above 50 degree Celsius. I was sweating like in the rain. Even the farm workers went into their hide in the mid-day, but I braved under the trees. Dates farming is even tougher than farming rice and other grains. I have very closely looked into the farm worker as they were working in the farm. It is a tough job from planting to harvesting. Many of the planted new trees die off due to heat and drought. I have seen many dead plants that the farmers had to rework in the following season.

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