What caused the Disc problem on me?
As trekking guide to the Himalayan high terrain I was an active person for all the time. After coming to Dubai I went careless in eating style and did not maintain the fitness to its level. I gained weight. The consequence was the Disc problem.
Guys! watch out for your eating style and maintain body weight to its level. Or, face the consequence!

My herniated disc,
The story began in July 2007 while I was doing some simple moving and lifting at home. Initially, it was just a minor pain on my lower back, but the following days the pain shot down to my left leg. It progressed to worse, then the worst. You will not be convinced the degree of pain if you did not experience yourself. Only the person who have been through such circumstance can understand the pain. I was unable to sleep day and night. Sometimes I had had to drop out the food from my mouth for not being able to bear the pain. Considering the side effects of the pain killers I did not take any.

MRI report revealed the herniated/slipped disc of L5/L4. Doctor suggested me to go for a surgery on the following day. Oh, No! I managed to walk out. I was on leave from my work. After having bed rest for about 3 weeks, I got some relief without any surgery. I started to walk with the help of a walking stick, but badly limping.

Having heard of some bad post-surgery stories and experiences of some people I decided not to go for a surgery. Being an adventurous person I was so sad to be in such a health condition. I imagined of my life as if I was a limping man forever; thought a lot about the beautiful high Himalayan terrains and Arabian sand dunes where my heart beats. There was a big question mark on whether I will ever be able to go back to Mt. Everest base camp or over the high sand dunes of Arabia, again. I was so sad, it was a living hell for me.

No one believed to see me in that condition when I got back to work. I visited another NeuroSurgeon at my work place. He explained the actual problems and issues. I was very happy with his diagnostic explanation. My left leg was halfway paralyzed, he proved that with movements of steps. Upon my request he put me in physical therapy. Physiotherapist was the wonderful one who suggested me not to stop the certain moves and practices. I followed all the instructions. I started improving session by session of physiotherapy.

Alternative treatment of Herniated disc.
I started searching answers to my problem in the Google Search. It really helped me to stay away from the surgery. This doesn't mean that I am suggesting you not to go for a surgery.

Our body system has got natural healing ability but needs for some time. The most cases of herniated disc do not require surgery, as I learnt from the related sites. But, one must be brave to bear the pain. It may take about six months to heal with alternative treatment plan if you can tolerate the pain for some times and practice some certain postures of Yoga or Physiotherapy, regularly. Surgical treatment may take even longer to heal. It may be associated with certain risks for a long term in life. But, there are some cases that the patient must go for a surgical treatment.

Alternative treatment plans like Physical Therapy, Yoga and Indian Herbal Medicine (Ayurbeda) may help you get better. Keep stretching your body everyday to strengthen the spinal roots and supportive tissues. Keep yourself active, jog or run regularly; once you get better. You may totally stop the red meat and beans intake as per my experience. Maintain your weight as low as you can. It takes about 18 months to 2 years for complete healing of herniated disc.

Interesting moment;
Over 18 months, too, I was sensitive to my disc pain. I was paying extra caution on my back and leg. There used to be a kind of mild pain coming back when I stop warming up for 2/3 days. In 2009, I went on an adventure trip to Mt. Annapurna region and Kaligandaki Valley with a back-pack. I was worried if my disc pain goes worse with that load on my back. In the contrary, the back-pack pressed on my back fixed all the problems. I found that all the pain had disappeared on the second day of journey. Since then, no pain has come back. I prefer to carry some load on my back that is why I do back packing and camping most of the time.

My health today;
My health is fully back to normal condition to go for any physical challenge. After healing from the herniated disc I have participated in a half marathon in Ras Al Khaimah and been to Mt. Everest base camp treks a few times. In October 2016, I trekked for a month in Mt. Everest region crossing high passes (Renjo Pass 5360 meter, Tos La Pass 5420 meter and Khongma Pass 5580 meter) and glaciers (Ngazumba glacier in Gokyo valley and Khumbu glacier in Khumbu valley). I carried the pack-pack by myself throughout the entire trip. The Three Passes trek is rated as a strenuous level for all adventurers.

Oh, not to forget about my back-packing and camping trips in the UAE including to the Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali). I go to the Empty Quarter every year.

All the photographs in the photo galleries are taken by myself during my adventure trips.

See the images on the side;
Vertebrae are cushioned with discs. A disc has got two parts; the annulus the outer cover and the nucleus the inner one which is like a jelly. With pressures annulus breaks, nucleus spills out and presses the spinal nerve that causes the pain and disables the normal movement. Disk rupture between Lumber Spine L4 and L5 is the most common one because they bear the most of the body weight.

Only good side of the herniated disk is the pain goes to one leg only. You are dead on the spot if the pain goes on to both legs at the same time. Pain going through the left leg is the most common in the herniated disc.

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