I met a few people around asking about the trip packages to Tibet and Bhutan. This is why I decided to place a few package itineraries in this page for your reference.
     An individual entry permit for Tours and treks in Tibet and Bhutan is not granted. All trips are possible to make through authorized tour agents in Kathmandu, Nepal. I am in close touch with an expert agent (a close friend) in Kathmandu. You will be connected to him once you wish to discuss further about the package you choose.

 Tibet, known as the roof of the world, situated on the high plateau in the rain shadow region behind the high Himalayan ranges is rich in its scenic natural beauty and historical and cultural values.
     The best season to visit to Tibet is on June, July and August. You may check the following itineraries to plan once in a lifetime trip to Tibet.

Tibet tours in 4 days -------------------------------Tibet tours in 8 days

The Kingdom of Bhutan, known as the “Land of Thunder Dragon” is the least influenced by the outside world. Its historical, cultural and environmental values are well preserved and protected in its ancient state. In order to maintain the uniqueness and the high values of the historical, cultural and environmental aspects, the country’s tourism policy has limited the number of tourists entering in the country. It is a truly trekker’s paradise and is the safest place to travel.
     The best season to visit to Bhutan is in March, April, May & September, October and December. You may check the following itineraries to plan once in a lifetime trip to Bhutan.

Bhutan tours in 5 days ------------ Bhutan tours in 7 days ------------ Bhutan tours and treks in 10 days

Accommodation in Kathmandu:
Before and after your trip to Bhutan or Tibet you will have to stay in Kathmandu for one or two nights. In this regards, your tour organizer in Kathmandu will assist you in finding hotel accommodation in a reasonable price; Budget to Luxury. Hotels and room rates will be presented to you upon your request. You can get the rates better than from and